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Regional Director's New Year's Greeting
Dear Kamikumite and Staff of the North American Region,
I would like to say "happy new year" to each and every one of you! I send you my heartfelt wishes for a year in which you grow ever closer to God
As you know, the North American region has the goal to establish at least one chu dojo by the year 2014 and to invite Oshienushisama to visit our region again at that time.
During 2011, we made great strides together. Primary spiritual development courses were held in virtually all of our existing centers, as well as in Boston, Denver, Idaho, and Oregon. In addition, we were happy to sponsor two intermediate spiritual development courses in the region, one at regional headquarters in California and the first-ever intermediate course in Vancouver, Canada. Plans are under way in all parts of the region to increase the number of courses in 2012. Keeping in mind karamara (to fill each vessel with spiritual contents), the 2011 New Year's message from Oshienushisama, let's support the new members in establishing a spiritual lifestyle that is of service to God.
Last year, our centers carried out numerous Light-giving activities at community events and also held eco-festivals and public presentations in various parts of the region to share expertise and information on various topics, such as sustainable ways of living and green business practices. In the new year of 2012, there are already plans under way for similar activities, which enable Sukyo Mahikari Centers for Spiritual Development to be a contributing member of our local communities.
In the Autumn Grand Ceremony teaching of 2011, Oshienushisama expressed his gratitude for the great outpouring of encouragement from members around the world to those affected by the March 11, 2011, great earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in Japan. I offer my additional appreciation to the members of our region who have shared their support for our brothers and sisters in the land of the origin of spirit.
Oshienushisama's recent teachings ask us to remember that we are part of a great plan that has been organized by none other than Su God, the Creator. Su God continues to administer this plan for the flourishment of the universe, and it is our great honor to offer service to assist Him at this critical time. I would like to thank each one of you for your efforts to elevate spiritually and to be active in service according to your individual situation.
Throughout the coming year, let us deeply engrave in our hearts Oshienushisama's 2012 New Year's message, which tells us:
Let us become a beacon of Light and sincerity for the world
I conclude with my wish for true happiness and prosperity for you and your families in the coming year and always.
Masaaki Fujisaki, Director of the North American Region of Sukyo Mahikari

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