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Phoenix Center Hosts "Community-In-Action" Events

Outreach efforts attracted more than 300 local residents and visitors
With the involvement and support of Phoenix members and youth group, the Phoenix center sponsored two "Community-In-Action" outreach events in 2011, featuring Market on the Move (MOM), as a means to offer valuable service and increase local awareness of Sukyo Mahikari. MOM is a food rescue program operated by a group called the 3000 Club, which consists of small business owners, volunteers, and non-profit agencies that retrieve fresh fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be destined for Arizona landfills. This group moves the food to the needy and hungry families in Tucson and Phoenix.
The first event, held in October 2011, brought together more than fifteen youth during the early dawn hours to help unload fruits and vegetables brought by a semi-truck in the center's parking lot. The youth enthusiastically helped stack the crates and gave Light to the food, then later assisted visitors who came to purchase produce by carrying boxes to their cars. They also added fun and lightheartedness by playing live music and offering face-painting to the children.
Another group of members set up an area where many people could learn about the "one pot method" of growing food and were given the opportunity to plant a seed to take home. Through posters, we showed how plants and food respond to the positive Light energy. Other members were available to offer Light to people who were interested.
"Working together in love and harmony, youth members and adults shared the joy of being of service to others," explained the center director. "We didn't 'push' the Light and teachings at people, but rather maintained a bright presence and boldly offered Light to those who naturally gravitated to our Light giving area."
At the event, we also partnered with like-minded individuals and community groups such as C.E.R.T. (Certified Emergency Response Training) and "Keep Phoenix Beautiful," who were on hand to provide information about their organizations. They were impressed with our active participation and support of emergency preparedness and with our concern and care for the environment by practicing the 4 R's (reduce, reuse, recycle, and repair).
The joyful and positive experiences many members had in organizing the October event smoothed the way to hold the second event on New Year's Eve 2011. The center was one of the few locations in North Phoenix hosting MOM, and as the word spread, more people attended the second time, increasing attendance to over 300 at both events. Again, some were eager to experience the Light energy, and others signed up to attend an introductory talk scheduled at the center.
We were very pleased to host these events as they provided members, especially the youth, with the opportunity to "shine" in the community. We hope, through these outreach activities, to become well known in our community by allowing people to see who we are, what we do, how we act, and that our goals are in alignment with many of theirs.
2012 looks to be a promising year for Phoenix to spread Light in the community. Plans are under way to hold three Community-In-Action events, involving Market on the Move as the big draw to attract many people to our center.

About Market on the Move:

MOM's main focus is to retrieve and distribute nearly 5 million pounds of edible, fresh produce per year. How they acquire the food is usually the result of a distribution problem. Stores can only take in so much at a time, weather problems sometimes do not make it possible for the food to get to the appropriate destination, a slight blemish on a fruit or vegetable may deem it not perfect enough for purchase. Most of the food is salvaged at the Mexican-American border where as much as 30 million pounds of food gets thrown out each year because it cannot get into anyone's hands. If food was rejected by stores and returned to the produce brokers, MOM tells the brokers they will spare them the landfill fees. They then turn around and find agencies, such as churches, that host markets. For a $10.00 donation, people can receive up to 60 pounds of fresh produce, which many people end-up sharing with family and neighbors. The rough economy has reduced many people's ability to afford fresh produce, and this is one venue to help them buy fresh food while at the same time prevents the horrible amount of food that would otherwise be wasted. Whatever produce is left over after the weekend, MOM distributes to local food banks.
To learn more about Market on the Move and the 3000 Club, visit

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