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Regional Director's Visit to the Midwest
In February 2012, our regional director traveled to the Midwest area for a visit with several purposes, including giving Light and offering study classes to as many members as possible. On Sunday, February 19, 2012, he and a headquarters staff member arrived in Chicago. That same afternoon, our regional director gave a study class on the virtue of gratitude at the Chicago center. The center was packed with members. We were all very honored to study directly with the head of the North American region.
While most of us had previously heard teachings on the study class topic, which was gratitude, it quickly became apparent that we only had a superficial familiarity with the actual practice of this virtue. Mr. Wada shared a number of wondrous experiences with the actual practice of gratitude by very devoted members who were already giving much Light and offering service.
In addition to the many personal experiences he relayed, he guided members to read Seishusama's teachings on gratitude, collected in the book entitled Gratitude. Orders for the book increased dramatically following the class! One Chicago member who had heard this guidance from a friend had already read the book nine times, and had some profound realizations. In Detroit, a guest attended the class, and, after hearing the regional director speak, decided to take the spiritual development course.
The key point our regional director made is that when someone builds up their practice of gratitude day by day, it creates a deep and profound change in the person over time.
On Monday, February 20, the staff members arrived in Cincinnati for an evening study class and on Tuesday, February 21, we drove to Detroit for an evening study class. The three centers of Chicago, Cincinnati and Detroit are about five to six hours' driving distance from one another, making a triangle of Light. The Detroit and Cincinnati centers were as packed with members wanting to hear the classes as Chicago was.
For each class, the contents and explanation changed somewhat. Our center director felt this was interesting to observe as he felt that arrangements were being made so that each center could receive the exact influence needed.
In spite of the hectic schedule, our regional director always smiled and maintained his own practice of gratitude. The Midwest centers are very grateful for the opportunity to focus on the practice of gratitude through our regional director's visit.
People who came to the classes with him came away with an awareness that the regional director is very positive and confident about the sincere and committed practice of gratitude. The fact that he is training himself in this way contributes strongly to the power of his message. Overall, there was a renewal of hope and a desire to more deeply engage with the teachings and concrete practice of gratitude.
On Wednesday, February 22, staff drove back to Chicago, and on Thursday, February 23, the staff departed just before a major snowstorm of seven inches fell, a storm that led to many flight cancellations later on. It was a great blessing that we had almost spring-like weather in February, allowing for smooth travel.
The joy of actual practice is available to everyone, so we would each like to do our part to help the renaissance of Light manifest throughout the Midwest area of the North American region and the whole world. We are confident that with the spiritual boost of this visit, Light, and classes by our regional director, the divine plan is taking another step forward in the Midwest.

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