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Indiana Spiritual Development Course
The group of members in Lafayette, Indiana, part of the Chicago center, sponsored a Midwest area Spiritual Development Course in February 2012. We welcomed four new members.
This is the third course hosted in Indiana, at the home of members with a divine altar. Their home is located outside of the city and is surrounded by cornfields as far as you can see. The room with the altar overlooks a pond, forest, and horses in the field.
Lafayette is located north of Indianapolis, and is halfway between the Chicago and Cincinnati Centers, three hours in either direction. Lafayette members regularly attend monthly ceremony in Chicago. There are about fifteen members in Central Indiana, including two youth group members.
This course was extra special because it was held on February 25, 26, and 27, ending on a Monday in order to include a ceremony for the founder's birthday.
It was also extra special because there were several young people attending the course. Three of the four candidates were under eighteen year old. Youth group members from Chicago and Cincinnati came to help support the course, and local members provided home-cooked meals for everyone, as well as overnight housing for young people.
We are so grateful for continued expansion in the central Indiana area and throughout the Midwest and the entire region, and we will continue our efforts to grow even more!

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