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Minnesota: The Pioneer Spirit Project
The Chicago center is reaching out to surrounding states in the Midwest in what is being called "The Pioneer Spirit Project." They have targeted major cities without centers and areas where individual members live and are trying to expand.
In February, twelve members from the Chicago center traveled seven hours by car to Minnesota. Activities were held in two cities: Duluth and Minneapolis. The Duluth activities were arranged with the help of a Houston member. She visited there in November and gave Light to many people at her friend's store.
Members gave Light at two significant locations in Duluth. First they gave to the entire area from the top of a five-story observation tower with views of Lake Superior, the rivers and mountain peaks of Duluth, and into Wisconsin. Another significant area where they gave purification was Spirit Lake and Spirit Island, which has been sacred to the Native American people for centuries.
The Duluth activity was very successful, with fifteen guests attending. Many had very moving experiences, and members made heartfelt connections with the guests. The downtown location that was used had a lot of foot traffic. Members invited people who were passing by, and many of them came in to receive Light.
There are three members currently living in the Minneapolis area. The Chicago center distributed email flyers to members in the wider region and around the world, asking for referrals of people in Minnesota who would like to receive Light. Surprisingly, we found that there were about seven people in that area who had received Light from various members. The furthest referral was from Singapore!
The Minneapolis activity was also successful. The youth group members who helped said they felt blessed to bring the Light to people who had never received Light before. They also talked about how strong and warm the Light felt even though it was so cold outside.
Follow-up Events
Encouraged by these activities, more events were planned for the next month. When we called to inquire about a new rental space for one of the activities, the owner recognized the name Sukyo Mahikari and said that he had received Light at the Washington DC Center. This was an amazing coincidence in a state with only three members. He said that he loved Sukyo Mahikari and was so happy that we finally had come to his area.
In March, sixteen members traveled again from Chicago to Minnesota. They gave Light to several people in Duluth. The group again gave Light to Spirit Lake, this time from a city park right on the lakeshore. A snowstorm a few days before had left about six inches of snow on the ground. This made the short hike through the woods (and driving) a lot of fun. Along the shore of the frozen lake was an abandoned railroad track, which the members followed to get closer to Spirit Island.

There were two events in Minneapolis. One was held at the Light Upon Light Sufi Center. Sufism is an esoteric practice within Islam. The director of the Chicago center gave a talk to their members, and they received Light.
The second Minneapolis event was with the owner who had previously received Light in Washington DC. Living Waters Café serves organic food and houses the Center for Harmonious Living, a community center for various spiritual groups and workshops. Twelve guests received Light, and several expressed interest in taking the spiritual development course.
The Minneapolis members are making efforts to give Light once a week to prospective candidates for the course. Additional trips by Chicago members are also being planned to support their efforts. If there are at least five candidates, there will be a spiritual development course in Minneapolis on June 22, 23, and 24. This historic event would be even more special as it would include the Founder's Ascension Day.
Everyone is feeling a new joy and energy as they work together to fulfill the divine plan for expanding the Light in the Midwest. Plans are also being made for the Pioneer Spirit Project in St. Louis, Missouri, and in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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