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Earth Day Festival at the Houston Center
On April 22, Earth Day, the Houston Sukyo Mahikari center held its first annual Earth Day Festival. We were honored to be part of this worldwide expression of gratitude for our planet and its abundant resources that we have been granted. According to the official Earth Day website, we were joining more than one billion people in 192 countries who took part in this 42nd anniversary of Earth Day.
The activity at our center included information booths on gardening as a spiritual practice, the 4 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle, and repair), and emergency preparedness. We also included children's activities and food for participants.
We were blessed with beautiful weather and were allowed to welcome 33 guests, including 18 people who came for the first time, and 26 members, for a total of 59 people. All of our immediate neighbors around the center came with their families and had fun with the children's activities. Nearly all the guests also came inside the center to receive Light. Several of them would like to come back again soon.

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