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New Yorkers Give Light at the Awaken Wellness Fair in Westchester
Members in Westchester County, just north of New York City, have been giving Light to people in their community at the Awaken Wellness Fair, subtitled "Awaken to Your Best Self, the biggest body-mind-spirit-green expo north of New York City" on the banks of the beautiful Hudson River in Tarrytown, New York [ ]. The group coordinator there works in the area and, after her company participated three years ago, she felt the fair would be a great place to share the Light with others. Working with the staff assistant for Westchester and the members of her group, they contacted the person who organizes the fairs and obtained a booth.
This fair attracts people interested in improving their health and their spirituality, and they have been very eager to experience receiving Light. There is usually a line of people waiting to receive Light, so we started a sign-up sheet for our booth. The receivers are generally very moved by the Light and most often can feel it and some even tell us they can see it. We try to offer people 20 to 30 minutes of Light each so we have time to speak with each person individually and share some of our experiences and a bit of the teachings. This helps form a bond and makes it easier to follow up with people when they come to the center or to open houses at homes in the area. One of the people we gave Light to at the fair took the primary spiritual development course this year and is active in giving Light at the center and to her friends and family.

The vendors also love to receive Light, and the organizer is giving us a very good location. We set up our booth with a banner, and bring pamphlets and books for our table. At the first and second fairs where we had a booth, we gave more than 50 people Light, and most recently, at this year's fair on April 29, 2012, we gave more than 70 people Light.
The next Awaken Wellness Fair will be held in November. Sukyo Mahikari New York has participated for three years now and, with its great success there, we plan to continue.

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