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First Spiritual Development Course in Kansas
For the first time ever, a primary spiritual development course was held January 20 to 22, 2012, deep in the US heartland, about an hour's drive southwest of Kansas City, Kansas. Kansas is part of the Chicago center, and one pioneering member has been living there for about ten years. Over the years, she has been guiding people to take the course, who all traveled more than 500 miles to Chicago to take it. Members have transferred from other centers, and by 2011 there was an active core group of members in the Kansas City area, who met to give and receive Light and hold ceremonies.
By the end of 2011, the pioneering member had guided five new candidates for the course, and the Chicago center scheduled a course in Kansas at the home of that member. Many members came from the parent center in Chicago to help organize and carry out the course, and another member came from Seattle to support it. Five people took the course in January, and a sixth took the course at another center and returned to the area.
The participants from Chicago were filled with hope about the possibilities for the future after seeing the results from the tremendous efforts of the pioneering member in Kansas. This inspired the development of the Pioneer Spirit Project at the Chicago center, a program reaching out to other states in the Midwest.

The Kansas area members all live in different towns and cities, but they continue to join together for ceremonies at the home of the pioneering member and are increasingly holding Light gatherings in the different areas as well as various types of outreach activities.
We are very happy to have hosted this first-ever spiritual development course in the very heart of our country and pray that the Light will spread even more from now on.

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