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Spring 2012 Regional Scholars Seminar
The New York center hosted the spring 2012 scholars seminar from April 27 to 29. Ten members participated from across the US and Canada.
Our regional director started the program by giving us a profound study class on "True Happiness." He also said that while we are doing our professional work, things are occurring by the arrangement of God. The will of God is behind what happens at our workplaces. He read from the September 2009 teaching by Oshienushisama (SMIJ #88) and asked us to become people who can

"sense the presence of God and His invisible providential arrangements."
We viewed the movie I Am, which includes some interesting scientific work on people's connectedness with each other and the planet. In addition, three members of the group made thought-provoking presentations.
A regular activity of the scholars group is gardening, and this seminar we went to Brooklyn Grange, the largest rooftop commercial farm in the world, in Long Island City. We toured the one-acre farm and planted lettuces ("Little Gems") and kale. The farm staff were impressed with our efficiency as well as with how "nice and gentle" we are. Amazingly, the weather, which started out chilly and windy, following several days of rain, turned gloriously warm and sunny with blue skies when we were at the farm. The farm staff have invited us to come back any time, including later this season, to see how the farm progresses. One of the scholars suggested that they paint a sundial on the wall there, and they were enchanted with his idea! Here's a YouTube about the farm:
It was wonderful to spend time with our regional staff members. Our regional director's warm, natural style and caring for the group was evident, and his fundamental guidance comes down to: "There's no need to worry. Just do your best to elevate. Everything comes from inside us."
After closing remarks, we offered the concluding prayer, planning to meet for the autumn 2012 seminar in San Francisco September 21-23.

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