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2012 Regional Healthcare Providers Conference
The 2012 Regional Healthcare Providers' Conference was held at the New York center on June 23 and 24. The principal theme was "How to become a God-centered health care practitioner."
Participants came from the Chicago, Detroit, Florida, Hawaii, New York, San Francisco, and Washngton DC centers.
The assistant center director of San Francisco talked to us about the significance of participating in regional events such as this conference. He also gave us additional guidance on the significance of the practice of the Art of True Light.
The director of the North American region gave a study class on conditions we may encounter in our practices. He made reference to the primary course teachings on the significance of fever and gave detailed commentary on several of Oshienushisama's teachings. He particularly reminded us to accept the cleansing of our spirit, mind, and body with joy. He said that in our work as healthcare providers, it is important to continue to purify the spiritual aspect with Light and increase the depth of our gratitude.
The participants discussed a variety of current issues, including genetically modified organisms, vaccinations and radiation. In our approach to these issues, we were encouraged to pray, give purification to the spiritual realm, read food product labels, promote organic farming, and find joy in all of our activities. The staff members reminded us of Sukuinushisama's and Oshienushisama's ten point vision of the future. We anticipate that scientific research on the art of True Light will give greater credibility to the practice. The staff members also reminded us that there is behind the scenes support being provided by the principal deities in this regard.
The regional director encouraged us to

1. Give Light all-day (from opening ceremony to closing ceremony) at the center once a month.
2. Read the Gratitude book nine times. The cultivation of gratitude leads to increased acceptance of God's will and humility and the development of an altruistic innermost attitude.
3. Fall asleep with gratitude, including thanking each and all of our body parts.
We will interact with like-minded individuals when possible. To help guide us in this regard, we will offer the following Prayer as a North American Regional Health Practitioner:

As members of the Sukyo Mahikari North American Region Health Group, we offer the prayer for the creation of a spirit first healthcare system in the North American region, and we resolve to do our part to manifest this prayer by becoming beacons of light and sincerity in the world.
We resolved to elevate our individual and collective spiritual levels through consistent service, the practice of gratitude, and keeping in contact with the Light of God by participating in regional activities, monthly ceremonies and primary courses.
Reflections sent in by participants in this conference included:
I was so amazed to learn that many members are working to better our communities in their own professions.
The regional director's guidance was profoundly helpful in broadening the scope of my spiritual practice and to see ourselves as having a sacred and divine mission as health care practitioners where we combine the vertical aspect of the Light and teachings and the horizontal aspect of our health training.
I felt such an opening and uplifting of my spirit from having been allowed to participate in the Conference. Having the opportunity to receive teachings, ask questions, and unite with other practitioners helped me feel clarity and begin to make steps forward with my vision of engaging further in spirit-centered healthcare.
I was able to reflect on many aspects of my profession and was encouraged to be more altruistic and open hearted after receiving the teachings from our regional director. I took this event as an opportunity to redirect myself in my practice of the ten points from a healthcare practitioner's standpoint. I feel very encouraged to continue my mission as a member to spread Light and the teachings and to be able to spiritually awaken to my role in my family, in my profession, and as a health practitioner in my center.
Dr. Ron Carlson of the Hawaii center will continue to serve as the regional coordinator for the healthcare providers' group. Dr. Greg Muchnij of the Phoenix center will continue to serve as regional coordinator for "integrative" health matters. Dr. Margaret Levine is stepping down from her role as assistant regional coordinator of the group. She will remain active as a member of the group. Dr. Alicia Quiroga will serve as assistant regional coordinator for the eastern region and Dr. Warrick Barrett for the western region.
The centers of the eastern region are: Atlanta, Florida, Houston, Montreal, New York, Puerto Rico, Toronto, and Washington DC.
The centers of the western region are: Albuquerque, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, Torrance, and Vancouver.
The next health group conferences will be held at times and places to be announced. Forthcoming conferences will be arranged in such a way as to permit greater opportunities for participation by members from throughout the region.

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