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2nd Spiritual Development Course in Vermont
On August 24, 25, and 26, we held a primary spiritual development course in Brattleboro, Vermont. This was our second course. The first one was held over two years ago. [See the June 2010 issue of this newsletter for our history till then.]
Five people took the course this time. Some of them have been waiting over a year to take the course locally instead of going to the nearest center, in New York, and because of their activity during the wait, they were very well prepared.
Three staff members came from New York. Three youth group members came to help with set-up and to offer service during the course. They were really amazing and took care of everything harmoniously. Everyone was very impressed with their service. How many teenagers do you know would want to spend a beautiful weekend indoors doing service all day ?
Everything went very smoothly and joyfully, and there was so much harmony in the group. We are already at work on finding people for our next spiritual development course. The group coordinator for the Vermont area met a friend in the lobby of the hotel where the course was being held, and she said she could feel the intensity of the Light coming right through the conference room door into the hotel lobby.
Those of us who have been members in Vermont review spiritual development courses as often as possible in New York. These courses in our home state are very special. The staff members were warm and full of insight, love, and energy that reached everyone. The teachings and the intensity of the Light made the whole group unite together in love. The youth added such a touch of love, respect, and youthful enthusiasm working with their parents for the good of all. We all felt that we were embraced as one total family. Even the hotel staff, we felt, were affected by the Light because they were amazing also.

Everyone went out to eat on Saturday night to a restaurant and sat outside around a picnic table under the trees along the West River, enjoying a beautiful sunset. After dinner, we went for ice cream and sat outside by a fire.
Now we have 11 members here in Brattleboro and one in northern Vermont who is looking to move closer to our southern Vermont group.
Last year, the state of Vermont experienced a lot of damage from Hurricane Irene. We hope that all five new members will join us to give Light and put the teachings into actual practice so we can purify our beautiful state of Vermont.

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