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Giving Light from the Highest Peak in Michigan
For many years, the members of the Detroit center have wanted to visit the highest peak of Michigan. On August 24, 25, and 26, 2012, members from Chicago and Detroit accomplished this with a trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Mount Arvon, which is 1,980 feet high.
A visitor to the Detroit center who had received Light many times moved to the Upper Peninsula about twelve years ago from Detroit and was still in contact with the members of the Detroit center. She helped to pave the way for us to come, and her enthusiasm and helpfulness with planning and promoting the event made it easy for us.
It was about a nine-hour drive for the six members from Detroit and a little less than that for the five members from Chicago. Some members stayed in a hotel, and some members decided to camp in the state campground.
Michigan is located in the Great Lakes Region and consists of two land masses. The Upper Peninsula, the northern section of the state, is separated from the southern part of the state by Lake Michigan, the Straits of Mackinac, and Lake Huron, and is not connected, except by a bridge, to the rest of the state. However, the Upper Peninsula is connected at its southwestern end to Michigan's neighboring state of Wisconsin and is much closer to Wisconsin and to Ontario, Canada. The Upper Peninsula has dense forests and untouched rivers and streams, and wolves live naturally throughout the Upper Peninsula, as well as moose and bear. We enjoyed the beauty of nature throughout the trip, and felt wonderful energy in the area.

The area where we gave Light was pristine and beautiful, and it had a warm and inviting feeling that was soothing to mind and heart. Even though we only had walk about four minutes to the top of the mountain, we all received a certificate saying that we had successfully hiked to the top of Michigan's Highest Point.
The center director of Chicago talked to us about the importance of being able to give Light to the state of Michigan and the entire Great Lakes region from Mount Arvon.
Our hostess who had received Light before is a Blackfoot Native American. While we were in Michigan, she invited her friends to come hear about the Light and join us in climbing the mountain. Some of her friends were Lakota and Blackfoot Native Americans. Some were from Wisconsin, and some from her city of Baraga, Michigan. After receiving Light and talking a little with them about the Light, our hostess conducted a medicine pipe ceremony for all of us. We went traveling with her to her favorite places, her delicious eateries, and we were impressed with the friendliness of the people, their sense of community, and the beauty of the area.
We returned home to find that many of us had had big cleansings and some wonderful blessings waiting for us upon our arrival. We believe that all of these are getting us ready for the next step in the expansion of the Light and teachings. Many of the members are hoping to go again next year to the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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