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Giving Light at the White House
On October 27, in the US capital, thirty-four members of the Washington DC center united in a trip to go on a tour of the White House and give Light. Washington DC members live in the capital and in several nearby states, so what a delight it was that members traveled from afar to participate. All ages participated and several families came together. The vibration for this significant event felt special.
Although we provided the opportunity to meet at the White House, everyone made efforts to meet at the center so we could offer a united prayer. We received immediate encouragement as we walked towards the subway when someone spotted a sun dog, or parhelion, which appeared as a rainbow circling the sun. It was partly cloudy and a clear, crisp day. We arrived promptly, and the line to enter the White House moved rapidly.
There were no problems as we cleared security and then embarked on the tour. There was an intern that was providing interesting explanations, so most of us continued with the flow as we entered the White House. The gardens and interior are beautiful. We observed the beautiful colors and richness of the art, décor, and architecture both inside and outside as we gave Light discreetly all around.
Members came through the tour at different times, and at the end, as we waited for our group to exit together, we realized that there was an arrangement in needing to wait for some delayed members, as we were able to continue giving Light precisely beneath where the first family was two floors above us at that moment! We even had the arrangement that since there one of our group uses a wheelchair, the White House elevator was able to receive Light. The first family uses this elevator every day, and the President had just used it for his departure within the hour.
It turned out that Hurricane Sandy came two days after this activity. Afterward, we found it interesting that President Obama seemed to shine in the news reports as relief from the superstorm moved forward quickly to affected areas. For us, it was remarkable timing when we experienced the great protection the Washington DC center and whole area were granted from Hurricane Sandy! What encouragement from God for uniting in love and harmony!
In addition, it has been wonderful to share this activity when doing outreach. People of all religions appreciate hearing the efforts of a large group uniting to bless the White House at this significant time!
We are very grateful to be of service in such a joyful manner.

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