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Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group Regional Training for Expansion
On September 8 and 9, Sukyo Mahikari youth group members gathered for a regional training for expansion at the Chicago center and supported the Chicago center's activity.
Eight youth group members from Illinois, Indiana, California, and Florida participated in this unique training experience. The training session consisted of two major expansion events: the Theosofest on the first day and the Harvest Festival on the second day.
The Theosofest took place in Wheaton, Illinois, that same day. Each youth group member took on different roles where they thought they would most likely be able to succeed or improve. Some members focused on Light-giving, while others spent the day inviting people to experience the Light or answering questions on the spiritual practice.
The festival was a great event for finding people who were already open to spirituality. We were blessed with magnificent weather that helped us maintain high energy throughout the day. At least 80 people received Light for the first time that day, and 60 people provided their contact information for follow-up. After receiving Light, everyone was invited to come to the Harvest Festival at the center the following day.
After the Theosofest, the members headed back to the center. They had already set up the tents, tables, and chairs for the Harvest Festival that would take place at the Chicago center the following day. So they worked in the center's garden. There was a general sense of gratitude for having the opportunity to be in a location surrounded by nature.
After a good night's rest, the youth group members felt recharged to be busy with service for another day. The Harvest Festival turned out to be very successful as well! A total of 125 people attended, and 59 of them were guests. A big source of joy at this event was seeing people who had received Light at the Theosofest come to the center to receive Light again. Members and guests enjoyed music, local organic food, vegetables from the center's garden, children's activities, and presentations. The youth group members strove to keep busy with any service they could, from coordinating parking and throwing out garbage to setting up more chairs and giving Light.
Both members and youth group members seemed excited to unite for these two very special events and to experience the greatness of working harmoniously despite differences in age and background. Youth group members said that this training program allowed them to step outside their comfort zone and made them want to bring the Light to even one more person without hesitation. They were able to find talents they never knew they had in guiding others, and to realize the power of a team.
Once the training program concluded, the youth group members gathered with some members and staff to celebrate with frozen yogurt. Everyone shared the experiences they had during the training session, and said that they learned so much from one another.
Blessed with beautiful weather for two days, and surrounded by nature as well as everyone's positive vibrations, it was a training session where it seemed easy to feel God's love for all.

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