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Giving Light to Hundreds in the Washington DC Area
As we look back and reflect, it is clear that 2012 was a tipping point for expansion in the Washington DC center. Our enthusiastic expansion committee, guided by our center director, made tenacious efforts to locate and contact local fairs, festivals and farmers' markets, and we set up our tents anywhere we were able to raise our hands and offer Light.
The center has experienced renewed enthusiasm and commitment by all members to spreading the Light in our community, and the participation of our youth group gave special energy to our efforts. We have expanded from previously conducting 3 to 4 outreach activities per year to 2 to3 activities per week from April to November in a broad geographical area that spreads from Pennsylvania to West Virginia.

At the end of our summer outreach campaign, our center director approved adding one more event to our already packed expansion schedule, wondering if we were stretching ourselves too far. This event, a farmers' market in Olney, Maryland, was very close to a member's home. Amazing arrangements occurred one after another, as it turned out that the organizer of this market is a producer for TV station WUSA, a CBS-TV affiliate and channel 9 news in Washington DC. Then, a member of the expansion committee, who was out of town and had not expected to be able to participate in this expansion event, had an unexpected change of schedule and arrived early in the morning of the event to help. It so happened that the member had a previous working relationship with this TV producer, having done interviews on CBS in past years regarding his professional activities. His prior relationship helped opened the door for further collaboration.
The organizer received Number 8 from a member, and was later approached in regard to setting up an interview for our center director to briefly introduce our practice and invite interested viewers to attend one of the open house events at the center. The organizer agreed.
The interview was taped on November 13, 2012. Thanks to continued arrangements, things went very smoothly. We were even allowed the privilege of free rein of the studio to meet other guests and watch live interviews. One of our members was able to give Number 8 to another interviewee while awaiting their turn. The station staff also later made it possible for us to receive a complimentary DVD of the taped interview after being initially informed that it was no longer company policy.
The interview can be seen on the Internet at
Because of our increased efforts in 2012, we were blessed to be able to give Light to 694 people at 31 events and to hold five spiritual development courses, more than any year before.
As we move into 2013 with more determination than ever, the energy is contagious and member participation is higher than ever. This joyful form of service is catching on, and we are most grateful to Su God for allowing us to spread His wisdom, love, and will throughout Washington DC, the surrounding states, and beyond with our intention to contribute to the spiritual reformation of the North American region and the world.

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