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Giving Light in Palm Springs, California
Recently, a member of the Pasadena center who belongs to a political club in the area met someone at the club, and their conversation turned to spirituality. The guest expressed her concern about the catastrophes going on in today's world and wondered what could be done to alleviate more catastrophes in the future. The member offered her Light, and she was very moved. She said that this is something that can really help and that more people need to know about this.
The guest then organized an event, called "The Gathering of Like Minds." Nineteen Light-givers came from all three centers in southern California to participate, all of whom drove two to three hours to be there. The format was a luncheon at a very nice restaurant in Palm Springs. Presentations were made by the guest, by an artist, and by the director of the Los Angeles Center for Spiritual Development. There were about twenty-five guests in the audience, and after the presentations, twenty of them received Light.

Many had very moving experiences and want to continue receiving Light. One person said that receiving Light changed her from being negative, worried, and fearful to feeling totally grounded and happy. Another person said she wants her husband to receive Light, hoping it will give him the strength to do what he wants in life. Two said they want to take the spiritual development course.
The organizer is planning an event in Los Angeles and also wants to hold one in Florida, where she knows many people.
For the members, the Palm Springs event was a wonderful experience to have a guest organize events and bring so many people who want to receive Light. It was a great day and we are hopeful that there will be more events like this to follow.

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