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Climate Week NYC
On September 26, 2012, the New York City Business SMART group and the Sukyo Mahikari Center for Spiritual Development of New York were pleased to co-sponsor a special public presentation entitled Corporate Social Responsibility 2.0. New York City Business SMART (Sustainability Minded Action Roundtable) is a network of green business entrepreneurs who are working to support the environment and ethical practices in their businesses. Climate Week NYC is an annual international week of presentations, workshops, and other events during the week of the opening of the UN General Assembly.

Businesses are often missing from discussions when efforts for sustainability are being planned and implemented. This presentation was designed to help organizations develop a roadmap for how to move from being sideline actors to being true corporate citizens who can change our world.
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the activities of organizations that consider the company's impacts on the community and on the environment. It is sometimes called "corporate citizenship," and has been becoming more and more a part of corporate structure. Chipo Nyambuya, J.D., a noted legal consultant, described the pioneering corporations who are helping to evolve and redefine CSR and provided a framework for how businesses can be involved with CSR while ethically meeting their triple bottom line.
The New York Center for Spiritual Development has hosted environmental programs for the public in conjunction with Climate Week NYC all four years since Climate Week NYC began. The eco-building of the New York center is an ideal setting for these events, which are very well attended. The program always begins with a welcome speech by the center director to explain the commitment of our organization to environmental stewardship and to invite guests to visit the center to experience our activities.

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