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Stroke of Light, San Francisco
The San Francisco center was contacted by the daughter of a Sukyo Mahikari member in the North Bay, who had been inspired to create the “Stroke of Light” project from the experience of a family friend having made a remarkable recovery from a serious stroke following rehabilitation and particularly from receiving light regularly. Her vision was to reach out to other stroke survivors and people with disabilities and invite them to receive light on December 1, 2013, in the peaceful, loving and warm environment of our San Francisco Center. She developed a team of people to help with the project development, which included practitioners of the San Francisco Center.
The “Stroke of Light” project planning coincided with an outreach and light-giving effort in October of San Francisco North Bay practitioners at a local senior information fair, where publicity and information was given out to people who were interested in “Stroke of Light.” As well, other outreach efforts were made to local nursing homes and care facilities in the area.
One such skilled nursing facility was very interested and invited members of the “Stroke of Light” team to make a presentation to a group of residents and their families. Several of these people expressed interest in taking part in the event, and transportation and other arrangements were made for those people.
On December 1st from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. more than 40 light givers and 25 guests participated in the “Stroke of Light” event at the San Francisco Center. Some people arrived in a specially arranged paratransit van from the North Bay. A few people were in wheel chairs and others were quite disabled, needing extra care and attention. Family members and caregivers attended these people and also were able to receive light.

Guests were greeted warmly by members and helped to become comfortable and received a full session of light. Everyone expressed their gratitude at having had such a relaxing and inspiring experience. Refreshments were served and people had a chance to mingle and talk. Two of the guests decided that they wanted to become light givers themselves that day and signed up for the Primary Spiritual Development Course.

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