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World AIDS Day Service
On December 1st over 50 people attended the World AIDS day service and community gathering at the St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in San Francisco. It was organized by St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, The Third Space (an Interfaith Youth Leaders group that includes several San Francisco Mahikari Youth Group members), and the San Francisco Interfaith Council. The event was open to all and attracted attendees from many different faiths and backgrounds including a Sikh and a Jewish Rabbi.
The AIDS epidemic affects many around the world as well as in our own city of San Francisco. Despite significant advances in research worldwide, many still do not realize the significant impact of this disease at present. The Third Space Community, a network of young adults representing many faith and non-faith traditions, was joined by the San Francisco Interfaith Council and St. Mark’s Lutheran Church to recognize those who have given so much to this movement and to empower those who want to make a difference now.
A poem recitation of “We Remember Litany”, Sikh prayers, and candle lighting marked the event. Light refreshments and socializing after the event helped those gathered connect with each other.

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