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Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group Spring Regional Training and General Assembly
On February 28 through March 2, 2014, the Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group of the North American Region held their annual Spring Regional Youth Group Training at the North American Regional Headquarters in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. Youth group members from 11 different centers gathered with the goal to train their spirit, mind, and body, as Oshienushisama guided the youth in 2013. Keeping this in mind, the youth group members focused the training on Oshieneushisama’s new guidance for 2014, to strive to become high-minded and noble people. In addition to that, training was themed on expanding God’s Light and teachings to others.
Some of the youth group members at this training have visited Japan and have witnessed the majestic Mt. Fuji, while others have not. Regardless, everyone was able to picture and feel Oshieneushisama’s deep respect and awe of Mt. Fuji as Wada Shidobucho transmitted the teaching of Oshienushisama to start off the weekend’s training. Youth Group members heard and discussed how important it is to preserve the beauty and magnificence of our natural surroundings, which start with ourselves and the changing of our innermost attitude. Youth group members reminded themselves to live a way of life that is pure, bright, righteous, and accepting of God’s Will in order to become a person who shines with the Light of God, just like Mt. Fuji.
This, along with other study classes from staff members, led to other discussions on saving others through God’s Light and teachings. Experiences from Youth Group members were shared on guiding others, followed by discussions on what we can do personally to expand God’s Divine Light and Teachings. Youth Group members dedicated themselves to offering prayers on behalf of their family and friends that they would like to guide, and were even given a united prayer that all members can offer on a daily basis. Youth Group members energetically and enthusiastically resolved to expand God’s Light and Teaching five-fold.
Other activities throughout the training included practicing Divine Light, in addition to a session on guiding the youth, from the staff members, on how to find all 27 vital points. Youth Group members listened intently to the staff members as they shared their experiences of finding and giving the vital points, and then practiced finding all vital points on each other. This gave the youth group members more confidence in finding and giving Divine Light more effectively. It also helped them to remember the teaching of Oshienushisama from 2013, where he described how giving light is an easy and enjoyable practice.

To train the youth group members physically, several marching drills were carried out. Youth Group members focused on executing each drill with precision and unity amongst the entire group. Although being rained upon at one point while practicing marching drills, each youth group member joyously made effort to improve each drill and to unite with each other and with Sosai Oshienushisama.
The training came to an end with a General Assembly, where 17 youth group candidates were promoted to official youth group members. Reflecting from Wada Shidobucho’s closing remarks, youth group members resolved to willingly accept all training with deep gratitude, as when we do so, our power of salvation can increase rapidly.

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