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Hawaii Ala Moana Beach Park Cleanup
Members of the Hawai`i Sukyo Mahikari Center for Spiritual Development regularly gather to clean Ala Moana Beach Park of trash. These photos were taken during the February 16, 2014 clean-up project at Magic Island, which is part of Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu.
Clean-up started with opening prayer and giving Divine Light and ended with closing prayer. Over two dozen members of all ages participated in the effort of cleaning the parking area, the beach front, the large open field and picnic areas. It involved a lot of walking, bending down and rising up. Good exercise for everybody. And what a privilege to serve and make a difference.

Armed with gloves and bags members are ready to pick up trash

Picking up trash across the large expanse of grass

Trash of all kinds of plastics, bottle caps, cigarette butts, etc.

Tired but happy after a job well done

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