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Sukyo Mahikari Summer Youth Group Regional Training
The Summer Regional Training for the Sukyo Mahikari Youth Group of the North American Region was held at the Sukyo Mahikari Center in Chicago from August 8th to August 10th, 2014. The theme for this training focused on a teaching given the youth in 2014, entitled: “Young people, strive to be high minded and noble!”
A total of 32 youth group members participated in the training. Activities conducted during the training included the study of giving Light Energy and offering cleaning service. Participants also studied details from the yearly teaching as well as the meaning of the “Amatsu Norigoto” (Purification) Prayer. The final study class featured a lecture from the Regional Director, Mr. Kunihiko Wada. On the third and final day, 11 Junior Youth Group members were promoted to Youth Group status.
During the Regional Training the Youth Group collectively established a 5-year goal to share the Light and Universal Principles and reported on recent community service activities that were part of a regional effort to participate in the United Nations’ World Environment Day in June and will continue throughout the year. Participants also practiced “Yoko” (Sunlight) Gardening, which integrates organic gardening with the practice of Light Energy. Competitive relay races were also held to promote camaraderie and teamwork.

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