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Science affects people not only at the physical level but also at the spiritual level. As a result of this, and of new research on the frontiers of physics and other fields of science, an increasing number of scientists are interested in spiritual matters.
Scientists have the privileged opportunity to open windows into nature to observe the intricate and complex interactions that exist in harmony at the cellular and molecular levels. Scientists who embark on the path of spiritual growth develop an even deeper understanding of the nature of reality, one which can be experienced and studied.
Personal growth is not separate from people’s professional lives. Scientists who experience light energy begin to perceive the existence of even deeper levels, levels that can provide answers to many of the questions that are still perplexing in their fields.
In addition, scientists who experience light develop a deep intuition for the questions that need to be studied in their field. In this way, too, scientific research is finding its way to answers to many unanswered questions about the theories currently underpinning these fields, as well as pragmatic answers that help elucidate and solve problems facing people and the world today.
In order to bring about a better world for everyone, it is important for people to share their wisdom and knowledge, and to work toward common goals. It was with the wish for a suitable forum where differing opinions could be shared and where common values could be identified that Sukyo Mahikari founded its research arm, the Yoko (positive light) Civilization Research Association in 1973, which became the Yoko Civilization Research Institute in 1985.
Besides promoting research and discussion on the integration of spiritual values into today’s science, medicine, agriculture, economics, education, politics, and other fields, the Yoko Civilization Research Institute (YCRI) organizes national, regional, and international conferences among experts in diverse professional fields for both Sukyo Mahikari practitioners and other experts.
Sukyo Mahikari works with other organizations and individuals who also believe that it is necessary to integrate spiritual values, as well as ethical and moral values, into all areas of human activity in order to solve the many problems the world is facing.