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Interdisciplinary Studies
The research arm of Sukyo Mahikari, begun in 1985, the Yoko (positive light) Civilization Research Institute (YCRI) examines issues affecting society in which cutting-edge research results and expert discussions at the interface of science and spirituality can play a pivotal role, including:
  • The brain and the mind, the effects of the mind on the material world, the power of prayer, paranormal phenomena, and similar studies in order to introduce to science a new viewpoint which elucidates the true aspects of being human, based on the integration of spirit, mind, and body
  • Life science and traditional healing practices, and their implications for the essential aspects of being human
  • Science and technologies that create harmony between humans and nature, in order to pursue ways of living in which human beings can restore, protect, and live in harmony with the earth’s environment
  • The history of the universe and the earth and the origin and evolution of humankind
  • Comparative studies of religious beliefs and practices to seek to determine whether there are any values that all religions share, and if there are, to delineate them, in order to find paths of harmony rather than confrontation
  • One of the primary activities of the Institute is to plan and hold international conferences, symposia, research meetings, seminars, and other events. The following is a list of conferences/symposia themes since its establishment:
    1986 International Conference: Creating the Future of Mankind
    1989 International Conference: What Does It Mean To Be Human?
    1990 International Conference: Religion and Healing
    1993 International Conference: Human Responsibilities Approaching the 21st Century
    1994 Seminar in the City Hall of Assisi, Italy: Hope for Mankind
    1997 Symposium: Life and Environment: From the Perspective of Natural Science
    1998 Symposium: Life and Environment: View of Life and Healing/Life and Environment
    1999 International Conference: Life and Environment
    2000 Symposium : Continuity and Discontinuity between Living Things and Non-Living Things
    2001 Symposium: Spirituality in the Present Age
    2002 Symposium: Brain and Mind
    2003 Symposium: Life Science and the Crisis Facing Humanity
    2005 International Conference: Science and Religion in the Age of Crisis